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Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (sixth posting of souls)

Below, please find the sixth posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society. Again, it's a huge list this week, comprised of souls from nearly 20 countries.

Please pray for these souls with a prayer provided below as well as for the now 11 holy priests who are praying the Traditional Latin Mass either weekly or monthly for the success of the Society and the repose of the enrolled souls.

Our newest priest, from the East Coast of America and only 27, is not only saying a Traditional Latin Mass for the Society each month but pledges a Momento at each Mass he celebrates to remember collectively the souls of those on the lists, as well as all of those who are praying for them!

In other words, if you keep praying for the souls of this Society, and the priests saying Masses for the Society, you will be remembered at every Mass that a 27-year-old, rock solid priest says for the rest of his life. That is, God willing, a lot of Masses for you and a lot of graces for our spiritual benefactors, in addition to a lot of souls being freed from Purgatory.

A reminder on how to enroll souls: please email me at my address found in my profile on the right and submit as follows: "name, state, country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Rome, Italy". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Also, if you run a blog or website, please consider letting your readers know about the Society as well by posting a link or short write-up. God knows there aren't enough people praying for these souls -- let's all join together and get the word out.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the holy priests of the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Eternal God,
please bless our priests,
who are selflessly saying Masses for this Society.
Make them more greatly aware of the grace
that You pour out through them
when they minister the sacraments,
and help them to fall more deeply in love with You
after each and every Mass that they celebrate.
Please strengthen our priests,
who shepherd Your flock,
when they are in doubt of their faith,
that they may be examples of Your Truth
and guide us always on the path to You.
We ask these things of You, our Eternal Priest.

A reminder: The list below shows only the souls enrolled this past week -- not all of the souls enrolled since the beginning. If you enrolled a soul once, there is no need to enroll him again.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

The Martyrs of Our Lady of Salvation Church, Baghdad, Iraq
Pearl Kahn,Trinidad and Tobago.
Elvia Sasso, Moncalieri, Italy
Agnese Frasca, Canischio, Italy
Adriano Pianasso, Canischio, Italy
Domenico Ferro, Canischio, Italy
Antonio Ferro, Canischio, Italy
Didier Cinotto, Paris region, France
Marianna Dobrzyniecka, Poland
Waclaw Dobrzyniecki, Poland
Petronela Dobrzyniecka, Poland
Julian Kraucki, Poland
Katarzyna Kraucka, Poland
Aleksander Pitera, Poland
Krystyna Pitera, Poland
Pink family, United Kingdom
Matthew Buncombe, Cambridge, United Kingdom
McAra family, United Kingdom
Emile PerreauSaussine, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Hungerford, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Walter Donnington Hungerford, British Columbia, Canada
Maurice Dumas, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mary Lewis, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Tottenham family, Canada and United Kingdom
Robin Totton, Jerez, Spain
Kenneth Chare, Surrey, United Kingdom
Philip Balkwill, Surrey, United Kingdom
Mgr Alfred Gilbey, London, United Kingdom
Fr John Tracy SJ, London, United Kingdom
Fr Francis Edwards SJ, London, United Kingdom
Leonard Morrison, Surrey, United Kingdom
Colin Davies, Surrey, United Kingdom
Renford Bambrough, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Maurice Cowling, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Timothy Hyde, United Kingdom
Alexander and Muriel Elkin, London, United Kingdom
Niall Ferguson, London, United Kingdom
Dennis Everson, London, United Kingdom
Youk Chan, London, United Kingdom
Stephen Unwin, London, United Kingdom
Mark Sacks, London, United Kingdom
Richard Gentry, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Dorothy Crowe, Kentucky, USA
Christina Greiner
The Frena Family
Nieves Ocampo Sunio, Metro Manila, Philippines
Brian Raymond Andal, Ontario, Canada
Marcus Berquist, California, USA
Frank Donato, NJ, USA
Joseph Donato, NJ, USA
Rose Seifert, NJ, USA
Stanly Seifert, NJ, USA
Tessie Brady, NJ, USA
Patrick O'Melia, NJ, USA
Evelyn Hawkes O'Melia, NJ, USA
Pasquale Visingardi, Pennsylvania, USA
Arthur Perner, Texas, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perner, Texas, USA
Ed and Lola Walton, Texas, USA
John, Helen, and Agnes Fox, Texas, USA
Jamie Fox, Texas, USA
John Richard Fox, Texas, USA
Tommy Murtha, Texas, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Conaway, Texas, USA
Joyce Fitzpatrick, Texas, USA
William and Cecilia Terry, Texas, USA
James and Jennie Hoog
James Arthur Hoog
Louis R. Hoog JR.
Louis and Olivia Hoog
Arthur and Lillian Fox
Harold and Minnie Eichhorn
John and Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Arthur and Dorthy Fitzpatrick
Joe and Lurleen Fox
Dennis and Hildegarde Dooley
Julia Haass
Rudolph and Ella Zinsmeister
Eddie and Katherine Zinsmeister
Harold and Florine Eichhorn
Eddie and Anna Laurie Willis
Elmer and May Gueldner
Mary Margaret Gueldner
Anna Laurie Howell
Ed and Lola Walton
Johnny Fitzpatrick
Joan Mueller
Michael Fitzpatrick
June and Ruth Hopper
Louis and Frances O'leary
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bowles
Al and Naomi Sebera
Andy and Izzy Seidel
Dorthy Fergeson
John and Gertrude Fisher
Michael Fisher
David Fisher
Arthur and Vickey Debotski
Arthur Debotski Jr.
Howard Schuetze
Joseph Pedraza
Robert Margo
Mrs. Johnson, Randy's mother
Quinton Bendele
James Gerard Hoog
Afton and Jewell Bailey
Sister Alfonsa Bombeck
Sister Mary Pulcheria Fox
Sister Helen Agnes Fox
Rev. Ralph Nuytten, CICM
Rev. Peter Rogers, O.M.I.
Rev. Luke Millville, O.M.I.
Pope John Paul I, Vatican, Italy
Pope Paul VI, Vatican, Italy
Pope Pius XII, Vatican, Italy
Louise Homan Pfeiffer, Ohio, USA
Arden R. Homan, West Virginia, USA
Elmer Tippens, West Virginia, USA
Margaret Hazel Tippens, West Virginia, USA
Lyda Pearl Stephens, West Virginia, USA
Robert A. Goodrich, Jr., Ohio, USA
Peggy Rose Ohio, USA
Joseph Wasyluk, New Jersey, USA
Doris Wasyluk, New Jersey, USA
Roger Wasyluk, New Jersey, USA
Robert W. High, Ohio, USA
Guy Barker, London, United Kingdom
Dom Christopher Jenkins OSB, United Kingdom
Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville, United Kingdom
Gary Van Gotten, Kansas, USA
Alice McCabe Minnesota USA
Daniel Francois, Oregon, USA
Lafayette and Rosemary Lee, Oregon, USA
Elmo and Mildred Francois, Washington, USA
Mary and Manuel Nunes, California, USA
Keith and Mildred Summerhays, California, USA
Karen Nunes, California, USA
Manuel and Maria DeSouza, California, USA
Anthony and Mary Nunes, California, USA
Joseph Nunes, California, USA
George Nunes, California, USA
Anne Dull, Oregon, USA
Geoffry Cocheran, California, USA
Gregory Campbell, California, USA
Robert Lin, California, USA
Elizabeth Steinbach, California, USA
Joseph William Summerhays and Summerhays Family, Utah, USA
Dr. Phillip Callanchini, California, USA
Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts, USA
Matthew Goodin, California, USA
Francois Family, Washington, USA
Nunes Family, California, USA and Azores Islands, Portugal
DeSouza and Fontes Families, Azores Islands, Portugal
Conaway Family, Iowa and California, USA
Father Jude ThaddeusMaria Ban Nguyen, Carthage, MO (USA)
Father Sylvester McDermott, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Peter Phuc Tran, Houston, TX (USA)
Peter Tue Tran, Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Maria Bong Tran, Fresno, CA (USA)
Maria Man Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Maria Tuyet Tran, Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Peter Bay Tran, Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Peter Dong Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Dominic Bang Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Betty Sturgess, Sacramento, CA (USA)
George Morrison, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Tiffany Gib, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Rosie Avila, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Peter Huan Tran, Houston, TX (USA)
Peter Truc Tran, Houston, TX (USA)
Peter Doan Tran, Houston, TX (USA)
Joseph Tam Nguyen, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Paul Huu Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Vincinte Hien Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Dominic Rinh Tran, Bao Loc (Vietnam)
Maria Thai Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Peter Phai Tran, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Bao Nguyen, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Vincinte Phuc and Tri Tran, CA (USA)
Vincinte Quyen Tran, Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Father Bob, Sacramento, CA (USA)
Ryback Family, Milwaukee, WI
Michels Family, Milwaukee, WI
Michael Heckenkamp, Wales, WI
Nicola Bonadies(Benedis), Ohio,USA
Bianca Ferrara Bonadies(Benedis), Ohio, USA
Domenico Bonadies, Ohio, USA
Antonietta Bonadies, Ohio, USA
Carlo Ferrara, Ohio, USA
Maria Ferrara, Rivisondoli, Italy
Dominic Benedis, Ohio, USA
Daniel Benedis, Arrizona, USA
Mary Lou Van Dyke, Ohio, USA
Linda Marie Rodriguez, Ohio, USA
Dominic Benedis Jr., Ohio, USA
Cynthia White, Ohio, USA
Jason West, Ohio, USA
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. van der Straeten, Antwerp, Belgium
Mr H.van der Straeten, Antwerp, Belgium
Mr and Mrs Rene de Buysscher, Antwerp, Belgium
Mrs H. van der Straeten, Antwerp, Belgium
Bishop Louis Janssens CICM, Antwerp, Belgium
Rev. Fr Francois van den Brande, SJ, Courtrai, Belgium
Rev.Fr Paul Meersseman, Courtrai, Belgium
Count and Countess PlaterZyberk, Brussels, Belgium
Baroness E.del Marmol, Liege, Belgium
Mr J vande Keybus, Antwerp, Belgium
Rev.Fr F.M.Quoex, Lausanne, Switzerland
Mr and Mrs Hebert, Paris, France
Mr and Mrs Paillard, Paris, France
Marquis Paul de Brantes, Loir et Cher, France
Mr Herve Bazin de Jessey, Loir et Cher, France
Mrs Christine Carpaneto,London, UK
Natasha, Lady Spender, London, UK
Michael and Mary Towey,Leicester, England
Margaret Lavelle,Leicester, England.
Martin Niland, Sligo, Ireland.
Michael, Eileen and James Niland, Leicester,England.
Kathleen Caffrey, Leicester, England
John Boyd, Leicester, England
Bridie and Winifred Boyd, Leicester, England.
Kathleen Kearney,Leicester, England.
William McGoldrick, Leicester, England,
Patrick Griffen, Corby, England
The deceased of theTowey Family, England and Ireland
The deceased of the Niland Family, England and Ireland
Pearl Kahn,Trinidad and Tobago
Glynis Owens, England
Octavio, Odette Rocha e Octavio Rocha neto, São Paulo Brazil
The Dale family UK
George Karam, Belfield, NSW, Australia
Elizabeth Castillo, Veracruz, Mexico
The Smith Family, El Paso, Texas
The Castillo Family, Veracruz, Mexico
The Rivas Family, Mexico City, Mexico
Rev. René E. Gagné, Woonsocket, RI
Norman E. Bizier, Pawtucket, RI
Deceased members of the Landry and Bizier families, Central Falls, RI
Anne Forbes Stewarton Scotland
Billy Joe Amos, Missouri, United States
Yvonne Rose Kenney, Missouri, United States
The William Stevens Family , Kansas , US
The Brezina Family , Kansas , US
The Curren Family , Nebraska , US
The Cain Family , Kansas , US
The Kim Family , Maryland , US
Donald Clifford, Ohio, USA
Corrine A. Evans, VA, USA
Matthew A. Brown, VA, USA
Anna Samokar, CT, USA
Nicholas (Michael) Samokar, CT, USA
Anne Radzwilowitz, CT, USA
John Ahtes, PA, USA
The Harding Family (New York)
The Collins Family (New Jersey)
The Lenard Family (Chicago)
The Orlando Family (Momiano, Italy)
The Sabolich Family (Croatia)
ublius Zammit, Qormi, Malta
Joanna Brincat, B'bugia, Malta
Angelo Pace, Qormi, Malta
Leli Taliana, Qormi, Malta
Alessandra dos Santos André, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Paulino family, Brazil.
Declan Sullivan, Illinois, United States
Angelo C. Marino, Pennsylvania, United States
Sarah E. Marino, Pennsylvania, United States
Joan L. Fiero, Pennsylvania, United States
Kenneth Iandoli, New Jersey, United States
Mary Diamond, Pennsylvania,United States
Fe Mutuc Flores, British Columbia, Canada
Stella Labonté, Quebec, Canada
Rhonda Seabold- Kentucky, USA
Hazel Howard Thomas - Kentucky, USA
Carol Thomas - Kentucky, USA
The deceased of the Pope Family, USA
The deceased of the Gaffin Family, USA
The deceased of the Marvin Family, USA
The deceased of the Kennedy Family, USA
Lisl Gaffin Tyson - Pennsylvania, USA
Louis Theobald - Kentucky, USA
Al Arborgast - Kentucky, USA
Predrag Shredl - Kentucky, USA
Larry Barnett, Kentucky, USA
Constance Wilson- Kentucky, USA
Dwight Wilson - Kentucky, USA
Amy Eastman, Florida, USA
Anne Coulter, Ohio, USA
The Clifford Family, Ohio, United States
The Mauceri Family, Ohio, United States
The Marcelli Family, Ohio, United States
The Morgan Family, Ohio, United States

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